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New E-Bike Brands @ Motostrano – Lapierre Ebikes

In time for the coming Motostrano EBIKE Demo January 24, Lapierre e-bikes will make their debut at the Motostrano showroom in Redwood City. Lapierre¬†Electric Bikes debut with a full suspension and a 29er BOSCH powered -ebike for 2015 at Motostrano and Ebikelane! New for all of San Francisco and available so far only at Motostrano … Continue reading

motorcycle e-bikes

Electric Bikes are changing the way people are getting around and recreating. Commuters are doing what we term "recreational commuting" instead of driving to work in giant cars that eat away at one's health. Leaving a smaller footprint, getting exercise and reducing transportation costs, while slowing down are important for a better life. Try it. Motostrano

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